Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Life of the World

This is me. And this is my blog. I like pumpkin pie and clay eyeball sharks and over sweetened reheated coffee and my cat, even though I hate it when he licks my toes. I like the abnormal, and I like what's fun. I like apple flavored anything and wearing funny colored wigs and I hate wearing socks. And that's just life. So, I guess, my point is, that's what this blog is now about. About all the nerdy anime conventions I attend and the progress of my cosplays. Honestly though, I have a short story to tell:

I was hating being me, and not because of anything mentioned above. Y'know, when you just get stuck in a rut and nothing seems to go your way? I guess that was how I felt. I wasn't doing anything fun, just working and being boring. Until this morning, I received a message from a little girl. I'd never met her in my entire life, and I probably won't ever. I won't mention names, or say exact words, but to sum it up, she said she loved watching my friends and I do what we loved most and she really hopes that we continue whatever it was we were doing. We never did anything special; we merely messed around and posted stuff on YouTube, like every teenager did. It's been years since we did that. But I still received that message this morning. I guess that made me realize: Life isn't made to be wasted going to work and being boring. I should do what I want, and live how I want.

I met a boy once, in 6th grade. He was a little weird, but nice. I was a bitch, but we became close friends anyways. That boy ended up liking me. A lot. He asked me out time and time again, and all I did was reject him. But I wasn't the only one. As he got older, he realized that it was not okay to keep pretending. Now that boy is in the process of becoming a very beautiful girl, with the entire world rejecting him. And that's hard. People like that, who can be themselves no matter what, are the ones who deserve to be respected in my eyes. So, I'll write about pin-up style and anime and costumes, because that's what I like. And I'll be me. Allison will be her. And that's how the planet will roll, standing tall and true, regardless of how cheesy I sound right now. So, there you have it :> My reasons for picking my blog back up. Please enjoy this gorgeous picture of my cat:

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