Monday, November 12, 2012

Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay

In Austin Texas, December 28th through the 30th, there's a convention I will be attending called Ikkicon. :> I also went to see "Wreck It Ralph" Friday, and I loved it. How are these two events relevant, you ask? Well, I saw some cosplays of Vanellope (the little girl From the game "Sugar Rush" in "Wreck It Ralph"). I was shocked to see how popular she had become since the movies been in theaters only for a few days. So I decided: That'll be the easiest costume ever. And low and behold, it's really easy XD. So I've decided to cosplay Vanellope Von Schweetz to Ikkicon as a backup costume. At the moment, I'm waiting on her leggings to come in so I can alter them. I've also already placed an order for a blank teal sweatshirt. SO, this cosplay is happening, for sure. I've been searching eBay for some brown skirts that I might be able to alter, and own the shoes. (Which  are obviously not difficult to obtain). As a person that wears wigs everyday, or just about, I've got the hair covered.

I'll keep my process posted, but the next picture you see will probably be the finished product. I'm debating on getting contacts. Her eyes are brown with teal rims. I have brown eyes, but I'm not sure if it's worth getting the contacts. XD I'm a poor person who has other costumes to pay for. I'll be attempting Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess and PS2 Nagato Yuki as my main cosplays. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for my Vanellope cosplay or any other requests :>. I'll be posting some reviews and tutorials for other things, like Zelda Armor and maybe a tutorial about how I got my Vanellope wig in such a clean, natural looking ponytail, using the wig. (Obviously, that's not my real hair XD). And if you haven't seen Wreck It Ralph, that's a must, because it's a super cute, mega adorable movie with tons of nerdiness.



  1. I know the cosplay look not so true but this is a degree of beauty for you. Love it!!!

    1. Thank you :> I'm actually almost done with her costume, so I'll be sure to post how it was done.

  2. Wonderful , maybe i'm gonna big fan of yours