Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mr. Ando of the Woods

... So I've been studying Japanese nonstop, obviously, since I'm still up at 3 am studying, and came across this video in the online book I stumbled across. It's just a little food for thought, but out of every weird thing if ever seen every, and that is a lot, being obsessed with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, this is now on the top. Thank you for your time, and if your eyeballs throw up or your brain melts after this video, I am so sorry. But... Just take the time out of your day to watch it. And your life will forever be changed, I promise. I bet 50 dollars I'll dream about this creepy video. You will, too.

Monday, June 11, 2012


My super cute Shana Figure finally came in today! She wasn't in a box or anything, but she was VERY carefully wrapped. I would have been nice if she would have came in her original casing, but that's alright, since I only paid about $20 for her. She's roughly 19 cm tall, and is a lot bigger than the rest of my figures. ^-^ I'm super happy with what I received. Shakugan no Shana is one of my all time favorite anime, and I just adore Shana's character design and tsundereness (along with her unnatural love for melonpan) ~ And if you haven't seen Shakugan no Shana and you have no idea what I'm ranting on about other than the cute picture provided, then shame on you. The anime/manga might be a little hard to get into at first (I had the read the manga a few times through, and I'm still picking up little details here and there), but once you understand the world of Shana and the Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes, you'll really like it. (And if you like Shana, there is another new anime out called "Accel World" and it is super mega amazing). But I digress. I'm just ultra happy my figure came in such good condition~

Yesterday was Joey's birthday, and he didn't seem to have much fun with his family dragging him everywhere, so today, to make up for it a tiny bit, he came over and had lunch and we went to see Men in Black 3 ^-^ I'm super glad he had fun, and I hope we can do it again sometime. I don't really have much else to say today~

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Handsome Devil

I finally got the appointment for my passport over with! >w< And it should be here in less than 10 days~ Other than that, I've been spending my days working on presents for my boyfriends birthday. =3= I went through way to much trouble for this. First, I went to Walmart, and all I wanted was a pair of BLACK SWEATPANTS. That's it. Isn't that simple? Well, apparently, Walmart doesn't have black sweatpants, so I went to Target and bought some. While I was there, I saw these ultra cute Star Wars Darth Vader PJ pants, so I got those too :> But went I left, it all ended up being over $40, which is WAY more than I intended on spending just for a cheap pair of sweatpants. Afterwards, I took them to my work (which is a T-shirt shop, so we can put anything on most clothing) and made the bottom half of a skeleton out of easyweed, and it's being heat pressed in the morning. They are they cutest pair of pants I've ever seen in my life by far and I want to keep them so badly ><. I'm moving farther along on the Mario and Luigi piece, along with the Link mat. Also, Joey's posters are being shipped out tomorrow :) I'm just so ready to get this stuff done!

I started wrapping a few of the presents, and they're turning out super cute~ There's a chibi Link I drew on one box, and the "O" in Joey is an eye with false eyelashes~ I used all my cute stickers, too <: I had been planning to use my super special Hello Kitty stickers for a super special occasion, but I think this is special enough <3 There are little secret compartments and messages all over that add to the constant rainbow vomit of adorableness. My favorite part to gifts are the personal touches put into them~

 In the mean time of waiting for all my stuff to get finished, enjoy this handsome devil, Kyary. I absolutely adore the wig she's got on, along with the sexy stache ;{3 No surprise that she pulls it off so incredibly well with the pin stripes. Maybe one day I'll go for the same do~ Or maybe during my trip to Japan, just to see how many heads I turn ;> Of course, I'll need a super long shower afterwards, but oh well :D I bid you adieu.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CANDY CANDY Birthday Land

I know it's not new or anything, but I just can't get Gumi's cover of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's CANDY CANDY out of my brain juices! It's such a cute song! And if you haven't heard it then, you should be going to the original RIGHT NOW (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoK8DaJRDaM) a watching the crazy amazing music video involving a creepy kigurumi man and a freakishly cute onion. The song itself is pretty simple and kawaii, but that's what makes you love it. <3 But if you haven't seen or heard her other songs, you should definitely check those out, too! (PONPONPON and Tsukema Tsukeru) Kyary megu cute style and weird taste makes her so contagious, and you'll never get her out of your head. There are also really good vocaloid covers of Kyary's songs, like Len's PONPONPON and Rin's Tsukema Tsukeru. Kyary's weird in a good way from head to toe with the oddest blogs about the cutest things.

Inside of Yogurt Land
I also FINALLY went to the cutest little yogurt shop today called "Yogurt Land". It's like a make-it-yourself type shop, but everything is super tasty and sweet <3 Even if you're just in the mood for a healthy pick-me-up, Yogurt Land is the place to go. :D Although it was raining when me and a friend ran in there, everything was kept clean and adorable with super easy access.It was a late birthday trip, but I plan on going back soon for more~ And on a totally off topic note, I was treated to the Avengers, too :> That shows how long it's been since I've been in public D:

Mikami Figure
 So a Mikami figure (from Death Note) came in that I've been expecting! Unfortunately, He was a lot smaller than I thought he'd be (about 12 cm tall), but that's okay~ I plan on giving him to my boyfriend, Joey, for his birthday this Saturday (June 9th). I've already bought him 10 Dragon Ball figures (they were chibi ones) and a Godzilla plush, and a MechaGodzilla and Space Godzilla figures that I gave to him at A-kon last Saturday :3 I've also done a few more things for him though. Joey really likes Yu Gi Oh and Legends of Zelda, so I've (partically, but it will soon be finished) made him a custom Yu Gi Oh mat with Dark Link on it. I plan to put Midna in the reflection of the sword! I attempted making a Godzilla mask, because he really likes masks, but that didn't work out too well because of the mask's material. I've also started on a picture of him and I as Mario and Luigi, because (you'll never guess) he loves Mario XD. But we seriously had a conversation about cosplaying as Mario and Luigi, so maybe one day in the near future that will be possible! AND I got him a Joker poster and Daft Punk poster because he's decorating his room now. =3= We are such a nerdy couple, but I plan to make his birthday awesome <3 Maybe I'll end up making him a cake, too!
Joey and Ash as Luigi and Mario

Dark Link Yu Gi Oh PlayMat
Tomorrow I'll be headed to the post office to get my passport for the plane trip to Japan with my cousin, Gregamuffin! >3< I'm so freakin' excited I'm about to pee myself. I looked up tour dates for Kyary, but her tour is ending right before we get there D: But that's alright~ I know we'll have fun at the Bon Festival, and stuff ^-^  Visit Gregsplancer's blog for more information. I wish him luck going out to sea tomorrow! Enjoy this random picture of Charmander!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lemonade Days

So my awkwardly adorable cousin, Gregbie (which I have now proclaimed him as =3=), decided to created a blog ( http://espelancer.blogspot.com/ ) for his adventures in Nagoya, Japan at the Yamasa Institute with yours truly, and suggested I read his blog and/or make my own. After being the entirely creepy internet-stalker I am (which, he is also, so no complaints), I decided maybe it'd be a good idea. If not, the only thing I lost was my life on the web. >_> Obsessed with weird fashion, hello kitty, KPP, and Harajuku, I'm stoked to go to Japan, along with the super mega awesome language learning experience with Gregeroni (I'm really just coming up with weird poop now XD). I suppose if you're severely intrigued with what's going on about flight plans and what exactly Yamasa is about, you should check out Gregington's blog (link posted above) and Yamase's website ( http://www.yamasa.org/index.html ) creep like the internet stalker you know you are. <3 

Me as Ichigo in her Cafe uniform~
On another note, I went to A-kon (an extremely popular anime convention in Dallas, TX) this past weekend cosplaying Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew by Mia Ikumi~ The cosplays for TMM are ultra cute, no matter what anyone else says. I was accompanied by my friend Rachel who was cosplaying Lettuce, and my other friend Katelyn who was cosplaying Pudding, which are two other Mew Mews. We were in both the cafe uniforms and the Mew forms, and, as usual, got tons of pictures, which are probably all over the internet by now. I had a blast though, since I got to bring my boyfriend along for his first convention ever this time. Even though the con was interpreted by his graduation, he said he also had the time of his life :>

In addition to last weekend being A-kon, yesterday was also my birthday! Even though I celebrated it at the con (along with my boyfriend's, since out birthday are really close), I still got some super kawaii stuff. The big thing was this epic Hello Kitty cupcake maker Joey (my boyfriend) got me. >w< It makes cupcakes in the shape of Hello Kitty's face! Wayyyy too cute for existence, yet now I have one. <3 I feel so spoiled rotten @u@. I also received the LAST volume I needed to complete my Death Note collection, and now I have it ALL! I'd image this is the same feeling the other Ash would have if he caught all the Pokemon. I also got some money and cotton candy lotion, along with 5 Hello Kitty phone charms (my phone is now lighter than all my phone charms XD). My grandparents took me out to eat along with my sister who shares a birthday, and we had a pretty good time talking to the Swedish exchange student chugging Sake next to us.

Well, it's almost 2 A.M. here, so time to wrap it up and call it a day! Sorry for the super long blog of my boring cosplay life and wasting your time if you actually bothered to be interested in how awesome I wish I was. I suppose I'll be updating more about my trip to Yamasa with Gregward, and stalking him some more, with his weird pony obsession and whatnot. Only a few more weeks to go until we take off for an entire month to Nagoya! (July 17th to August 16th for me) =3= Enjoy this freakin' adorable picture of Nyanpire (which I found a Kigurumi for *WANT* @A@) And if you don't know what Nyanpire is, then shame on you. Go watch it! It's the only kitty cuter than Hello Kitty <3

P.S. I'm entirely aware this post has nothing to do with Lemonade~ But it was a cute title to go with the bittersweet world of the Schneewittchen.