Monday, November 26, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph Cosplays Update

Vanellope's Handmade Medal Sculpted from Clay and Various Other Things
Updates with Vanellope Von Schweetz cosplay! And a LONG story of how I roped in some Wreck-It Ralph cosplayers. 

So, first off, I'm going to Ikkicon in Austin, Texas December 28th through the 30th with my cousin, Greg, who is also the one who took me on my Japan Adventure. On the phone, he told me I should watch Wreck-It Ralph because it was a really good movie (and it definitely was.) After seeing the movie, I looked up Vanellope pictures out of curiosity and saw that a lot of people had already cosplayed. Then, I realized I have a wig for that. So I took a picture of it and sent it to Greg and he decided that he'd be Ralph if I'd be Vanellope. And while that sounded like a great idea, I did not realize the trouble I was getting myself into.

Andrew's Happy Fix-It Face
So, Thursday, on Thanksgiving, my other cousin, Andrew, came over and we discussed my plans for Ikkicon. Andrew had gone to Ikkicon with Greg and I last year, and I didn't want to be rude so I invited him along. Later, I mentioned I really wanted to do Midna, but my other Zelda cosplay friends couldn't tag along to Ikki. He then opened his mouth and said, "I could be your Link." Well, that later turned into, "I guess I could do Fix-It Felix Jr., too." And then it became an unhealthy obsession. That night we saw Wreck-It Ralph because Andrew had yet to watch it and loved the movie. The next day we made and really nice Felix hat and then shopping for supplies that night... And it went all downhill from there. We've officially spent way to much money on these costumes to turn back now, not that we want to. We've really enjoyed the last four days straight of working on cosplay nonstop, honestly though. I suppose I will explain how things were made in the next blog, not that we're finished or anything. I really wish I would have taken more photos for tutorials, but it really has been all trial and error with these costumes and a lot of firsts.

Contacts were hell with Andrew, but he finally got them in after many hours of failed attempts. We've put immense amounts of detail into these cosplays, and we are very confident we'll be "the most legitimate Wreck-It-Ralph cosplays ever". Vanellope is a challenge with all the candy and Felix is the first normal guy plumberish dude (that's not really a plumber, but can be compared to Mario) I've ever done and we're making sure to get every detail correct. I'll be sure to post some really good pictures of the final product later. I bid the internet a farewell and leave you with a somewhat creepy picture of my cousin in a Felix hat.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soul Eater: Female Cosplays a Yay or Nay?

One of many otaku's favorite animes: Soul Eater. Not only for it's Halloween theme, but, for the most part, it's one of those animes that hold the charm of being incredibly serious when it needs to be, and really funny other parts. Not to mention some of the great character designs. But enough of that rant, I just wanted to point out that Soul is definitely my favorite character in Soul Eater by far, even though he's low on the list according to most. Ever since I've watched Soul Eater my freshman year of high school, I've wanted to cosplay him. Unfortunately, I never got around to it. I planned to, many times actually. But my plans never failed to fall apart some way or another. But, like 90% of my costumes, today I pulled a costume out of my butt. If I haven't previously mentioned, I am the queen of the nerds. Or more like the democratic president of the Otaku Club. Which, in the end, is almost worse, because I was elected into such position. But I kid, because I honestly do love it. So, most meetings I attempt to cosplay, being the cosplayer I am. Problem is, 1) Almost ALL of my costumes are at a location about an hour away for personal reasons not to be discussed on the internet and 2) most of the costumes I own (not to sound in any way slutty) are not school appropriate. That calls means for the constant generation of new costumes to be pulled of of my butt that are school appropriate. So in spur of the moment, I grabbed some red pants, and a yellow and dark grey cardigan and a white wig and my Soul Eater headband and walked out the door as a female Soul.

And this would be sort of a result of that. Now, I'm aware of the million mistakes. I have red contacts, but whatever possessed my brain to forget about them is beyond me, so you guys are graced with my incredibly crappy Photoshop skills, bad photography skills, and beyond asymmetrical face. As far as officially cosplaying a "Female Soul" it probably won't happen, mostly because I'm not incredibly fond of people that try to "genderbend" characters. Especially ones that should NEVER be "genderbent". I know lots of girls do it because they don't want to put in the effort of cosplaying a guy and think they can get away with a lot of mistakes in the costume because they're the "girl version". And it's actually highly common in Hetalia cosplays. So, as far as adding "Female Soul" to my list of cosplays, it's not going to happen.

But as far as Soul (just normal, guy Soul) I will definitely be cosplaying him. I mean, I'm not going to put my super cool official headband to no particular use. So, I suppose I will be placing an order for a new white wig soon, and maybe to a blog on how I style my wigs. And maybe even do a tutorial on how to get those groovy white eyebrows which are clearly not shown in the picture provided because I was wearing a black wig earlier today. Also, Soul's teeth: if you didn't notice, they're really pointy, and I'm not about to sharpen my teeth into points anytime soon no matter how much I would love to. There are actually complex methods to do such effects, in which there will probably be a lot  to speak about later. Let me know what you think of "Female Soul". Is "genderbending" characters cool? Or just really stupid? Or is it circumstantial? What cosplay do you want to see me do next? Or never cosplay again? XD

P.S. My things for Vanellope Von Schweetz are supposed to come in Saturdayyyyy <3 I'm way too excited. I know what I'll be doing this weekenddddd.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay

In Austin Texas, December 28th through the 30th, there's a convention I will be attending called Ikkicon. :> I also went to see "Wreck It Ralph" Friday, and I loved it. How are these two events relevant, you ask? Well, I saw some cosplays of Vanellope (the little girl From the game "Sugar Rush" in "Wreck It Ralph"). I was shocked to see how popular she had become since the movies been in theaters only for a few days. So I decided: That'll be the easiest costume ever. And low and behold, it's really easy XD. So I've decided to cosplay Vanellope Von Schweetz to Ikkicon as a backup costume. At the moment, I'm waiting on her leggings to come in so I can alter them. I've also already placed an order for a blank teal sweatshirt. SO, this cosplay is happening, for sure. I've been searching eBay for some brown skirts that I might be able to alter, and own the shoes. (Which  are obviously not difficult to obtain). As a person that wears wigs everyday, or just about, I've got the hair covered.

I'll keep my process posted, but the next picture you see will probably be the finished product. I'm debating on getting contacts. Her eyes are brown with teal rims. I have brown eyes, but I'm not sure if it's worth getting the contacts. XD I'm a poor person who has other costumes to pay for. I'll be attempting Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess and PS2 Nagato Yuki as my main cosplays. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for my Vanellope cosplay or any other requests :>. I'll be posting some reviews and tutorials for other things, like Zelda Armor and maybe a tutorial about how I got my Vanellope wig in such a clean, natural looking ponytail, using the wig. (Obviously, that's not my real hair XD). And if you haven't seen Wreck It Ralph, that's a must, because it's a super cute, mega adorable movie with tons of nerdiness.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Life of the World

This is me. And this is my blog. I like pumpkin pie and clay eyeball sharks and over sweetened reheated coffee and my cat, even though I hate it when he licks my toes. I like the abnormal, and I like what's fun. I like apple flavored anything and wearing funny colored wigs and I hate wearing socks. And that's just life. So, I guess, my point is, that's what this blog is now about. About all the nerdy anime conventions I attend and the progress of my cosplays. Honestly though, I have a short story to tell:

I was hating being me, and not because of anything mentioned above. Y'know, when you just get stuck in a rut and nothing seems to go your way? I guess that was how I felt. I wasn't doing anything fun, just working and being boring. Until this morning, I received a message from a little girl. I'd never met her in my entire life, and I probably won't ever. I won't mention names, or say exact words, but to sum it up, she said she loved watching my friends and I do what we loved most and she really hopes that we continue whatever it was we were doing. We never did anything special; we merely messed around and posted stuff on YouTube, like every teenager did. It's been years since we did that. But I still received that message this morning. I guess that made me realize: Life isn't made to be wasted going to work and being boring. I should do what I want, and live how I want.

I met a boy once, in 6th grade. He was a little weird, but nice. I was a bitch, but we became close friends anyways. That boy ended up liking me. A lot. He asked me out time and time again, and all I did was reject him. But I wasn't the only one. As he got older, he realized that it was not okay to keep pretending. Now that boy is in the process of becoming a very beautiful girl, with the entire world rejecting him. And that's hard. People like that, who can be themselves no matter what, are the ones who deserve to be respected in my eyes. So, I'll write about pin-up style and anime and costumes, because that's what I like. And I'll be me. Allison will be her. And that's how the planet will roll, standing tall and true, regardless of how cheesy I sound right now. So, there you have it :> My reasons for picking my blog back up. Please enjoy this gorgeous picture of my cat: