Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soul Eater: Female Cosplays a Yay or Nay?

One of many otaku's favorite animes: Soul Eater. Not only for it's Halloween theme, but, for the most part, it's one of those animes that hold the charm of being incredibly serious when it needs to be, and really funny other parts. Not to mention some of the great character designs. But enough of that rant, I just wanted to point out that Soul is definitely my favorite character in Soul Eater by far, even though he's low on the list according to most. Ever since I've watched Soul Eater my freshman year of high school, I've wanted to cosplay him. Unfortunately, I never got around to it. I planned to, many times actually. But my plans never failed to fall apart some way or another. But, like 90% of my costumes, today I pulled a costume out of my butt. If I haven't previously mentioned, I am the queen of the nerds. Or more like the democratic president of the Otaku Club. Which, in the end, is almost worse, because I was elected into such position. But I kid, because I honestly do love it. So, most meetings I attempt to cosplay, being the cosplayer I am. Problem is, 1) Almost ALL of my costumes are at a location about an hour away for personal reasons not to be discussed on the internet and 2) most of the costumes I own (not to sound in any way slutty) are not school appropriate. That calls means for the constant generation of new costumes to be pulled of of my butt that are school appropriate. So in spur of the moment, I grabbed some red pants, and a yellow and dark grey cardigan and a white wig and my Soul Eater headband and walked out the door as a female Soul.

And this would be sort of a result of that. Now, I'm aware of the million mistakes. I have red contacts, but whatever possessed my brain to forget about them is beyond me, so you guys are graced with my incredibly crappy Photoshop skills, bad photography skills, and beyond asymmetrical face. As far as officially cosplaying a "Female Soul" it probably won't happen, mostly because I'm not incredibly fond of people that try to "genderbend" characters. Especially ones that should NEVER be "genderbent". I know lots of girls do it because they don't want to put in the effort of cosplaying a guy and think they can get away with a lot of mistakes in the costume because they're the "girl version". And it's actually highly common in Hetalia cosplays. So, as far as adding "Female Soul" to my list of cosplays, it's not going to happen.

But as far as Soul (just normal, guy Soul) I will definitely be cosplaying him. I mean, I'm not going to put my super cool official headband to no particular use. So, I suppose I will be placing an order for a new white wig soon, and maybe to a blog on how I style my wigs. And maybe even do a tutorial on how to get those groovy white eyebrows which are clearly not shown in the picture provided because I was wearing a black wig earlier today. Also, Soul's teeth: if you didn't notice, they're really pointy, and I'm not about to sharpen my teeth into points anytime soon no matter how much I would love to. There are actually complex methods to do such effects, in which there will probably be a lot  to speak about later. Let me know what you think of "Female Soul". Is "genderbending" characters cool? Or just really stupid? Or is it circumstantial? What cosplay do you want to see me do next? Or never cosplay again? XD

P.S. My things for Vanellope Von Schweetz are supposed to come in Saturdayyyyy <3 I'm way too excited. I know what I'll be doing this weekenddddd.

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