Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leaving in TWO days!!

My cousin comes in tomorrow from Virginia and I'm super duper mega ultra excited^-^ I leave for Japan in just TWO short days!! I'm going to explode <3 Not only have I not seen my cousin in a while (because it's been difficult for him to go on leave in the Navy, since he's been saving up his days for this trip), but did I mention we'll be in Japan for an entire month? (Sarcasm doesn't work well over the internet, I'm aware XD). I made a super long packing list and checked everything a million times just to make sure I didn't forget anything^^; The plane ride from Dallas to Tokyo will be about 13 hours (which I'm not too ecstatic about =^=), but I'll learn to live, since we're bringing a ton of movies to watch and I need to study~ I'll keep this blog relatively short. Tomorrow, I'll post pictures of Greg's arrival! Bye-Bye!! <3
... This always makes my day :>

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